"Beat the Heat for Tom and Mom"!

Due to donations and fundraising, we will be able to again offer our “Beat the Heat for Tom and Mom” program for the month of March!

This is available for qualifying low-income clients who can get to vet clinics in Salem, Wilsonville, Woodburn or Lincoln County areas.

This program is for CATS ONLY (dog owners please refer to our regular COUPON). Female kittens typically need to be 8 weeks old, and male kittens around 6 months. Strays and ferals can also be helped with this program. Our participating veterinary clinics significantly reduce their price and OSNF pays for a portion of the surgery which means YOU PAY $20 FOR FEMALE SPAYS AND $10 FOR MALE NEUTER SURGERIES.

Low-income households who qualify for this program may or may not be either on a Public Aid program, unemployed or under-employed, elders on social security, disabled veterans or individuals, students in need, or homeless or near-homeless. We will also help good Samaritans who have taken in strays or rescued animals or are feeding and caring for ferals.

Please contact us as soon as possible as WE ONLY HAS ENOUGH FINANCES TO SUBSIDIZE PAYING FOR THE FIRST 150 SURGERIES! Please call the hotline toll-free (888) 664-7729 for FASTEST SERVICE. Thank you for your patience waiting for one of our volunteers to refer you to one of the participating veterinary clinics, typically within 1-3 BUSINESS days. OSNF is a small volunteer-only charity made up of people that are passionate about helping others obtain affordable spay/neuter surgeries.

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