Annual "Beat the Heat for Tom and Mom" program is back!

Due to the kindness of our donors and our fundraising efforts each year, our “Beat the Heat for Tom and Mom” program is back for the month of March offering $20/$10 spay and neuter to cats and kittens, strays and ferals! Qualifying low-income clients in the Salem, Wilsonville, Woodburn and Lincoln county area, can participate. By fixing cats before so many of them go into heat with the upcoming Spring, we help reduce overpopulation and the number of unwanted pets that could end up homeless or killed in shelters. Please CLICK HERE for information about this program, act quickly as we only have enough funds for 150 surgeries.

Once the 150 available spaces of this program have been filled, don't forget, you can still find affordable spay/neuters for both CATS AND DOGS using our COUPON for several Portland and Willamette area vet clinics.

FIX BY FIVE... months that is!

Many pet owners are uncertain of when to spay/neuter their pets, but we know that they want to prevent un-wanted litters. Dogs can come in heat as early as 5 months of age and some cats can come in heat as early as 4 months of age. The majority of litters can be eliminated by performing recommended spay/neutering just one month earlier—at 5 months of age rather than 6 months. VIDEO

We are pleased to let you know that Today’s Veterinary Practice, a popular veterinary magazine, has published Dr. Richard Speck’s article, ‘The Case for Neutering at Five Months of Age’ in the November/December 2014 issue. Please feel free to print and bring to your vet or share via email and on Facebook.

For affordable spay/neutering in the Portland metro, Willamette Valley/Oregon Coast and Bend areas, check out our COUPON page. Note, several of the OSNF clinics spay and neuter puppies and kittens much earlier, as young as 8 weeks of age and 2-2.5 pounds.

Giving Thanks for our Pets...And The People Who Have Saved Them!

This is the time of the year when we take a break from our busy schedules to give thanks for the people, pets, and organizations who make our lives worthwhile.

Do you have a pet that is near and dear to your heart? We all do! (Maybe more than one :) As you read this many of you will be stroking your feline friend who is nestled on your lap (or trying to lie on top of your keyboard!), while others will be listening to the gentle snores of your pooch as he stretches in front of the fire.

It's moments like this when we are reminded of the joy our pets bring into our lives and our homes, and it's a great time to celebrate their love by giving back to organizations like the Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund, whose volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that all pet owners - regardless of economic capacity - can afford to spay or neuter their pets, while reducing the number of feral cats through trap-neuter-return programs.

Please consider making a year-end gift to the Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund today. Your donation helps us remove barriers to spay/neuter for companion animals by providing financial assistance to families who cannot afford to have their pet altered, education to promote responsible pet ownership, transportation assistance, and so much more. As you know, OSNF is 100% volunteer run, so every cent you give goes directly to benefit our 4-legged friends. And to help you, your donation is tax deductible as we are a 501(c)3 organization! WON'T YOU PLEASE DONATE NOW?

Putting Your Donation $ to Work!

OSNF is a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization so donated funds all go towards helping the animals and our mission of ending overpopulation as with our "Beat the Heat for Tom & Mom" program which helps fix cats of people who have limited income and Good Samaritans who have taken in strays, rescue animals or ferals. This program is successful because each year, we have found a handful of kind veterinarians around town to donate a majority of their fees plus OSNF pays a subsidy towards the female surgeries, so the surgery price ends up being minimal for the owner of $10 for neuters and $20 for spays. Here are some quotes from a few of those we helped with last year's program:


Charity For Hilarity Bingo for OSNF

Thank you to all who joined us for a riotous and risqué evening of bingo and raffling to raise funds for our 2013 "Beat the Heat for Tom and Mom" program. Great prizes that were 100% donated were happily won and we raised much needed $600! We are also grateful to Mary’s Hamburgers as well as the contributors below who donated amazing prizes. Please continue to support our sponsors below so they can continue to support us, and stay tuned for next year’s fundraisers to help us prevent shelter pet overpopulation in Oregon.

Bullseye Glass Company, Silver Cloud in the Pearl, Oregon Brewers Festival, Portland Center Stage, Massage Envy, Kristi & Jason Nash, The Wine Cellar, New Seasons Grocery, Owen Roe Winery, Kathie Nelson, Serenity Nail Spa, Salvador Molly’s, Firehouse Restaurant, Lan Su Chinese Gardens, Skyline Burgers, Old Wive’s Tales Restaurant, Boedecker Winery, Seven Bridges Winery, and Thistle Winery.


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